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online notarized translation

Online notarized translation service is very HOT. Translation24h receives many sets of translation and notarization documents online every day. This service saves a lot of time and cost but still ensures the value in terms of content and legal translation.

Why should customers do online notarized translation?

In the era of economic development, everything must be done quickly with the most optimal cost to achieve goals as well as competitiveness. Along with that comes the digital age, most people use online tools to order, purchase goods and services.

Firstly, the customers shorten the time to the maximum. Customers do not need to waste time coming to the translation company. Documents just need to be transferred through zalo, email, or the company’s website. The customers just need to call, chat on zalo or facebook for advice on the optimal solution.

Secondly, it saves money. The cost of traveling is not a small fee if you are far away. If you are nearby, you may or may not come directly to the office to lose more time. Using the online form, our company has enough time to complete the translation, so customers do not have to pay more urgent costs compared to going directly to the office.

Thirdly, the third point is the customer safety. By online notarized translation, the customers do not need to go out and come into contact with dirt, vehicles, hot weather, heavy rain, wind and cold, and especially avoid the risk of infection with other diseases.

Fourthly, the fourth point is the preservation of original without loss or damage. In many cases, when the original is used, unfortunately it has been lost or damaged. Therefore, online notarized translation will completely preserve the original of the customer.

Fifthly, every customer in all parts of the country can do it. By connecting to one of the online means: Email or Zalo 0948944222, the customers can completely use the online form quickly and conveniently.

Online notarized translation guide.

24h Notarized Translation Company (Translation24h) would like to guide you through the steps to perform a complete and professional online notarized translation. No matter where you are in Vietnam or abroad, we can still help you.

Online notarized translation steps
Online notarized translation steps

Currently, Translation24h has two forms of online notarized translation. Individual customers or businesses can also choose one of these two forms.

  • System members can receive many good regimes and policies such as: Long-term record keeping, payment policy, discount policy.
  • A single individual customer who performs online once will depend on each company’s event.

To conduct notarized translation online, follow these steps:

Step 1: Firstly, scan the original document with a scanner or copier, if you don’t have a scanner, you can use the scan app on your phone. If you can’t scan, you can take pictures. Scanning or taking photos must ensure that the images are clear and concise, and the text must be clear and easy to read.

After scanning or taking photos, please send the soft copy to us through the following methods:

Step 2: Get quotes and service invoices online. Translation24h’s sales staff will check the document information. Determine the translation language and target language, summarize the number of translated pages and the required number of notarized copies. Based on that, the quotation will be made and sent to customers via online means such as: Zalo, Facebook, Email, etc.

After you finish checking the quotation, the quotation approval will change to the status of the online notarized translation service invoice and wait for payment or deposit.

Step 3: Pay or make a deposit online. For invoices with a value of less than 500,000 VND, the customers need to pay 100% of the total invoice amount. If the order is more than 500,000 VND, the customers can deposit 50% or pay 100% of the order value if desired.

Customers who pay or make a deposit can transfer money online to the bank account. For online notarized translation orders, customers can get VAT or not.

Step 4: The translator will translate the documents that the customer has sent to Translation24h. And then send the translation to the customer to check for the last time before notarizing.

Step 5: Notarize the translation online. After the online translation is completed, the translation will be notarized according to the customer’s request, which can be done either privately or judicially. Or the customers can choose to seal the translation with the company seal.

Step 6: Transfer documents to the customers. The document will be delivered to the customer as soon as it is completed via express delivery service. The orders over 500,000 VND will get free express shipping. The arising services such as same-day delivery, the customers pay by themselves with the shipping unit.

Thus, the online and self-contained notarized translation process is quickly and professionally implemented by Translation24h.

Some notes for notarized translation online.

Online notarized translation services bring many advantages to the customers. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to avoid wasting time and money.

Firstly, you should look for a reputable translation company ensuring the quality and fast service. Cooperating with a disreputable translation unit will cause a lot of damage. Choosing a reputable translation company will help you have a good quality translation avoiding wasting time and money. In addition, a reputable translation company will ensure the absolute confidentiality of your documents.

Secondly, consult carefully the online notarized translation service price on the market before closing the invoice. Also check the contact information such as phone number, zalo, email, company website and business code before paying.

Thirdly, online notarized translation requires the customers to know how to use online tools, software or apps to conveniently support the work of transferring documents or receiving documents quickly and conveniently.

Where is the online notarized translation address?

Most reputable translation companies provide online notarized translation services for customers. But which translation unit is really good, welcome to Translation24h.

online notarized translation
online notarized translation

Công ty TNHH dịch thuật công chứng 24h (Translation24h).

  • Head office: No. 52 Nguyen Huy Tuong street, Thanh Xuan Trung ward, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi city.
  • Transaction office: Suite 1805 Building B, Apartment of the Ministry of Public Security, Lane 282 Nguyen Huy Tuong, Thanh Xuan Trung, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi
  • Tax code: 0109228605
  • Hotline/zalo: 0948944222
  • Email:
  • Website 1:
  • Website 2:

Translation24h company provides professional translation services (translation, interpretation), notarized translation, online notarized translation to ensure the time and quality of the translation.

Time for online notarized translation at Translation24h

The time for completing the online notarized translation will depend on the number of documents, the type of language to be translated and the difficulty of document, etc. However, with the capacity of Transtion24h’s translator team, the notarized translation online will be done in the fastest way.

For a small number of documents, we can complete the online notarized translation within the same day. Therefore, the customers need to provide documents early that need online notarized translation to do within the same day. It makes sure that the customers can get their documents before 5pm on the same day.

For difficult documents or a large number of documents, online notarized translations will determine the completion time after the sales staff takes inventory and quotes (please contact directly for receiving the information as soon as possible).

Price list for online notarized translation at Translation24h

The elements for an online notarized translation quotation of Translation24h company are determined as follows:

Translation price: The pair of languages to be translated (source language – original language) will determine the price. The rarer the language is, the higher the price is. The difficulty of that document, if specialized documents cost more. If the time is urgent, the cost will be higher. Finally, customers are classified in which category of the company, the higher the rating, the lower the price. In general, the translation price ranges from 25,000 VND/page to 300,000 VND/page.

Notarization fee: Judicial notarization costs 50.000 VND/copy and private notarization fee is 20.000 VND/copy.

Note: The translation fee is only charged once, the notarization fee is calculated according to the number of copies the customer needs to get.

CategoryUnit price
English to Vietnamese translation price50.000 VND/page
Germany to Vietnamese translation price80.000 VND/page
France to Vietnamese translation price80.000 VND/page
Chinese to Vietnamese translation price80.000 VND/page
Japanese to Vietnamese translation price80.000 VND/page
Korean to Vietnamese translation price80.000 VND/page
Translation price for other languagesContact
Price of private notarization20.000 VND/page
Price of state notarization50.000 VND/page
Price list for notarized translation online at Translation24h

24h Translation Company’s commitment to our customers

  • 1. Online translation is on schedule.
  • 2. Absolute confidentiality in translation.
  • 3. Closed and professional process.
  • 4. Lifetime guarantee on product.
  • 5. Online notarized translation with reasonable price
  • 6. Preferential policies for partners.

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