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công chứng bản sao - sao y chứng thựcc

Notarized copy of original document also known as certified copy of the original, etc. In fact, many people are confusing notarized copy of original document with the notarized document. Thus, Trans24h would like to present the following article for your reference.

The concept of notarized copy of original document

Notarized copy of original document is exactly the same as certified copy of the original, which is the copy of an original document into many different copies and certified by a competent authority to be accurate compared to the original document.

Note: The documents copied and certified must be legal value

Nowadays, there are many types of documents need the copy of original document to be used for business purposes. All kinds of documents in Vietnamese or foreign language can be completely notarized the copy of original document

công chứng bản sao - sao y chứng thựcc
công chứng bản sao – sao y chứng thựcc

Classification of notarized copy of original document.

  • Notarized copy (certified) of Vietnamese documents.
  • Notarized copies (certified) of documents in foreign language.

Where to copy the original – certify the copy (notarize the copy).

According to the notarization law in 2014, the agencies and organizations that are allowed to notarize the copy of original document (certify the copy) include:

  • Judicial Office.
  • People’s Committees at all levels.
  • Notary Office.
địa chỉ công chứng sao y bản chính
địa chỉ công chứng sao y bản chính

However, the original copy function is also authorized as follows:

  • For texts and documents in Vietnamese: People’s Committees of Ward, Commune, District and the Notary Office have the right to authenticate.
  • For texts and documents in foreign language: Only People’s Committees of District, the Notary Office, Judicial Office, and Department of Justice have the right to verify.

The regulations on authentication of the copy of original document (Notarized copy of original document) of valid papers and documents are implemented as follows:

Process of self-notarization of copies (certified true copies of originals)

Step 1: Individuals or organizations requesting notarization (authentication) must present the original papers, texts and documents as the basis for certifying the copies and the copies need be authenticated.

In case the requester for authentication only presents the original, the agency or organization shall make a photocopy from the original for authentication, unless the agency or organization has no means to photocopy.

Step 2: The person performing authentication (the notary or judicial officer) checks the original and compares it with the copy, if the content of the copy is correct with the original. The original of papers and documents that meet all conditions must be authenticated (notarized).

Note: Document identification feature certified copy.

  • Seal of the certified copy from the original according to the prescribed form
  • The notary or judicial officer signs, clearly writes his/her full name and seals by the agency or organization’s seal performing the authentication and records it in the authentication book.
  • For the copy has 02 (two) pages or more, the testimony must be recorded on the last page; if the copy has 02 (two) sheets or more, it must be sealed with a cross-border seal.
  • Certified copies of the original at the same time are marked with an attestation number.

Step 3: Where individuals or organizations submit records and documents that need to be certified, please go there to receive the original and notarized copy.

Method of implementation and time of notarized copy of original document

– Submit records directly at the headquarters, agencies and notarial practice organizations.

– Composition and number of records: The original papers and documents as the basis for authentication of copies and number of copies to be authenticated.

– Time limit for settlement: There are two cases.

– If the number of documents and records that need to be authenticated is small and simple, the records will be received and authenticated within the day, or the next working day if receiving the records after 3 pm.

Charges and fees for Notarized copy of original document.

phí chứng thực sao y bản chính
phí chứng thực sao y bản chính

The price applied at each notarial practice organization is different. The fee schedule below is the lowest and highest rates for the notary fees.

At People’s Committees of Commune, Judicial Office, notarial practice organizations: 2,000 VND/page; from the 3rd page upwards, the fee is 1,000 VND/page, for the Private Notary Office, the maximum fee is not more than 200,000 VND/copy. The page is the basis for collecting fee charged according to the original page.

At the Representative Office: 10 USD/copy;

Types of documents are not notarized the copy (notarized copy of original document)

  • The original has been erased, corrected, added or removed invalid content.
  • The original is damaged, old, and the content cannot be identified.
  • The original is sealed with the confidential seal of the competent agency or organization or without the confidential seal but clearly stating that it is not allowed to be copied.
  • The original contains content that is contrary to law or social ethics; it propagandizes, incites war, opposes the socialist regime of Vietnam; distorts Vietnam’s history; offends the honor, dignity and reputation of individuals and organizations; and violates the civil rights.
  • The original documents made by the individual without the certification and seal of the competent agency or organization.

Term of notarized copy of original document

Legally, the value of a notarized copy is according to the validity period of the original. However, some agencies apply the validity period of a copy. In fact, some documents can change such as:

  • The land use right certificate has the additional page to update changes
  • For the household registration book, separating from the household registration book can be easily happen.

Therefore, the notarized copy of original document with a term of 6 months is a reasonable method.

  • Identification has changed.
  • Citizen Identity card has expired.

In fact, some documents cannot be changed or supplemented such as degree, study record, diploma, transcript, etc. Therefore, it is not correct to specify the validity period of the copy. The copy means the notary’s assertion of this document is copied from the original at the time of being authenticated.

các loại công hồ sơ hay sao y công chứng
các loại công hồ sơ hay sao y công chứng

Notarized copy of original document service

In today’s modern society, the companies are too busy with work, and many original records need to be handled. The specialized staff is overworked. Therefore, Trans24h receives the notarization service of documents and records with the lowest cost in the market. Please send email to our company directly and let Trans24h handle it.

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What advantages does Trans24h’s notary service bring to you? Our experienced and enthusiastic consultants are always ready to assist you 24/24h.

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The services that we regularly notarize the copy of original document

  • Notarized copy of bid documents.
  • Notarized copy of personal records.
  • Notarized copy of Co, Cq
  • Certified copy of personal records
  • Certified copy of company profile
  • Certified copy of economic contract, etc.

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