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24H Notarized Translation Company Limited (Translation24h) is a legal entity operating in the sector of translation, interpretation and notarization services with legal status, issued business registration certificate number 0109228605 by Hanoi Department of Planning & Investment.

Enthusiastic, professional and highly qualified staff help us provide the best quality translation (Translation – Interpretation) services for you.

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The services of the translation company

Hiện tại công ty dịch thuật công chứng 24h đang cung cấp dịch vụ chính là dịch thuật (bao gồm: Biên dịch – Phiên dịch). Ngoài ra, còn có các dịch vụ liên quan đến vấn đề dịch thuật như: Công chứng bản dịch, hợp pháp hóa lãnh sự bản dịch, hiệu đính…vv


The translation of foreign languages into Vietnamese and vice versa is one of the key services and is being trusted by many customers.

Notarized translation

Legal documents and records need to be translated and notarized. Two types of notarization includes private and judicial.


Incorrect, grammatically incorrect translations not reaching the native style will be proofreaded by the translators in the most accurate and correct manner.

Personnel supply

Staffing services are translators and interpreters for partner companies with limited time. System translation and high quality interpreter.

Notary service

Notarized translation services, certified copies of documents in foreign languages ​​and Vietnamese. Processing documents quickly and cheaply

Consular certification

Many records, documents and certifications need to be consular legalized at the Consular Department, Department of Foreign Affairs, Embassies of other countries. Fast service competitive price

dịch vụ dịch thuật chuyên nghiệp

Proficient Translator – Professional Process

With a team of translators carefully selected from ages of experience to professional qualifications, the diversification of specialized translators as well as multi-language will meet the diverse needs of customers. The legal consulting department is in charge of consulting services related to notarization and consular legalization in accordance with the customer’s financial and use purposes.

Our management system is closed and the process is very professional in the account creation, quotation, invoices, payments, document delivery and handover, document storage for later use. All of them are based on a professional process.

“Bringing the best translation to our customers is our achievement. Low price on each service is a competitive advantage”

Senior Manager – Mr. Phong

Cooperation and Win-Win basis

Competitive price.
Reputation – Quality.
24/7 customer support.
Data storage and security.

Professional translation process

Receipt of documents

TDocuments will be received by the company in person or online. The receiving options will be directly at the office, courier, ship, email, zalo, fb…etc.

Translation Quotation

The number of pages, words in documents will be calculated by the sales staff in accordance with the regulations of the translation sector, including the target language and the quotation

Invoice creation

After the customer agrees on the quotation, the sales staff or customers will change the process into service invoices and the deposit is to be paid

Deposit – payment

Carefully check the invoice, quantity and total price and make payment or deposit according to job codes under the guidance of sales staff.


The coordinator will assign appropriate translators for each project. Translators are to unify specialized words, synchronize words and styles for translation.


The translated documents will be sent to customers for information, words, structure and style checking. Accordingly, the proofreading is made according to customer requirements.


Some of legal documents together with their translations should be notarized to be usable. The translation will be made at the Notary Office or the district-level judicial authority.


Completed documents will be sent by us via the internet (zalo, email, etc.) or ship, cpn via shipping services.

Results of translation activities

The company has completed many projects excellently, meeting the expectations and trust of customers. Currently, the team of good translators with at least 2 years of experience is implementing many important projects

115 Collaborative projects

208 projects in progress

Dự án đang triển khai

+1000 collaborators

Cộng tác viên đa ngôn ngữ

+58 proficient translators

Dự án hoàn thành

Đặt cọc thanh toán dịch thuật

Why should you choose 24-h notarized translation?

  1. The company is reputable with a clear brand and legal entity and completely reliable address for customers.
  2. A team of proficient, experienced translators who are enthusiastic about their work and have a high sense of responsibility.
  3. The diversification of languages as well as diversification of translation specialties will meet the needs of customers.
  4. Handling many difficult cases, helping customers remove temporary problems.
  5. The most competitive prices in the translation market helps customers and companies save a lot of costs.
  6. Very good programs with affiliate partners and the maximum support.
  7. The incentives for big customers are always very good such as: later payment, free delivery of documents, % discount on monthly basis…etc.