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Fast notarized translation service

Fast notarized translation service is being chosen by many customers because of its necessity. From the customers who are individuals or businesses, there is a need to translate and notarize urgently without prior preparation. 24h notarized translation company (Transtion24h) provides this service quickly and accurately.

Fast notarized translation service.

There are many cases where we need to use the fast notarized translation service to meet the work schedule, submit the application on time, and have enough documents for the trip, etc. The customers need notarized translation documents within the same day and possibly faster within a few hours. That is the reason why the fast notarized translation service was born.

On the basis of the actual needs of the customers, as well as the ability to meet the needs of the translation company, we classify the fast notarized translation services.

Types of fast notarized translation services

Currently, there are two forms of fast notarized translation widely applied in the reputable translation companies:

  • Fast notarized translation for getting within the same day.
  • Super speed notarized translation for getting within 1 hour – 3 hours.

The company which has a large number of translators, diverse languages along with full personnel, it can meet the fast service. The average time for a translator working 8 hours will complete 20 pages of translation documents, the time for fast translation notarization also takes 1 hour – 2 hours (time waiting for the notary to sign).

For fast notarized translations taken within the day, the urgency is not high. If the documents are not too many, it can be completely satisfied for the customers. Most translation companies can complete it, so you can rest assured.

If someone needs the documents too urgently, for example: the deadline for applying the documents is at 12 pm, and 3 hours to be at the airport, etc. it is very stressful for both the customers and the service company. Moreover, if the documents are too many, it will be difficult to meet their needs. However, if the number of documents is small, you can receive the documents in less than 3 hours from the time you pay the fast notarized translation bill.

Fast notarized translation service
Fast notarized translation service

Advantages and disadvantages of fast notarized translation

Disadvantages: The fast and urgent notarized translation orders that force the company to cut the personnel to carry out will miss many other projects. The bonus for translators to work overtime or for notaries to sign quickly will incur additional costs to be borne by the customer.

In addition, for the simple and small documents, it is very rare to have minor errors. However, there are also many documents which are specialized documents with high difficulty, it will cause errors in terminology and format if they are done urgently.

Advantages: It is clear when using fast service because the documents can reach the customer on time and in the right place, at the same time ensure the quality and legal value. It not only solves the customer’s problems, but also ensures that the customers do not waste time.

Price list of fast notarized translation.

Notarized translation company 24h (Translation24h) is providing both fast and super speed services to meet the diverse needs of the customers. Currently, the company is applying the price level for the following types:

For records and documents are less than 5 pages:

  • Fast service: Normal cost + 150,000 VND.
  • Super speed service: Normal cost + 350,000 VND.
  • Notarized legal translation service of the day: 800,000 VND
  • See details: Normal price list

For the records and documents are more than 5 pages: the price list for fast service will be applied

CategoryUnit price (VND)
Fast translation price from English to Vietnamese70,000 VND/page
Fast translation price from Germany to Vietnamese100,000 VND/page
Fast translation price from France to Vietnamese100,000 VND/page
Fast translation price from Chinese to Vietnamese100,000 VND/page
Fast translation price from Japanese to Vietnamese100,000 VND/page
Fast translation price from Korean to Vietnamese100,000 VND/page
Fast translation price from Russian to Vietnamese100,000 VND/page
Private notarization fee30,000 VND/seal
Judicial notarization fee100,000 VND/seal

Price list for fast notarized translation (more than 5 pages)

In addition to the price list, the customers pay additional service fees for different forms

  • Fast service: Price list for fast service + 150,000 VND
  • Super speed service: Price list for fast service + 350,000 VND
  • Judicial notarized translation service of the day: 800,000 VND

Step-by-step guide for fast notarized translation.

In order to be on time, the customers must quickly perform the following steps:

Step 1: Take a photo, or scan the original document (with the clear content). And then transfer that image to the sales staff to get a quote of the total order value.

Step 2: Pay 100% of the total value of fast notarized translation orders to the translation company. Take a receipt and send it to the sales staff.

Step 3: The translation company will complete the translation as soon as possible and send you a soft copy to check the information before notarizing.

Step 4: The document will be notarized immediately when the customer approves the translation. The notary will sign into the documents immediately upon receipt.

Step 5: Receive documents in hard/soft copy at the request of the customer. Shipping service (ship) will quickly hand over documents to the customers. In the case of super speed service, the company’s staff will directly bring it to the customers.

Translation24h would like to commit to the customers.

  • Competitive price
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Be on time

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