Criteria for evaluating reputable translation companies

Reputable translation company

With the development of translation companies, there is no strict control of the government, causing confusion for people who want to use the service. So are there any criteria to evaluate a reputable translation company? Let’s find out with Trans24h.

Reputable translation company
Reputable translation company

Function of the translation company.

Translation companies were born to translate records, documents, certificates, etc. from one language to another, in accordance with the needs of users.

The translation company not only provides main service of translation, but also provides other services such as: notarization, specialized translation, interpretation, etc. At the same time, the services provided must ensure the quality and can bring the best benefits to the consumers.

Criteria to evaluate a reputable translation company?

The translation companies in Hanoi are not all reputable and quality. A reputable translation company needs to meet the following criteria.

Have the business registration license issued by the competent state agency.

This is the first criterion to evaluate a reputable translation company. A reputable translation company must have the business registration license issued by the competent state agency, tax code, and the translation office. Today, a lot of companies operate underground and do not register to establish businesses, so they are not trustworthy. Therefore, this is the most important criterion to evaluate a reputable translation company.

The team of translators and interpreters is professionally trained

To get an accurate and perfect translation, the team of translators and interpreters must be talented people who are well-trained and professional. Therefore, it is necessary to train and build a team of translators and interpreters who are fluent in foreign languages such as English, French, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, etc. and Vietnamese. In particular, to become a good interpreter, it is essential to learn, explore and absord new cultures in the world to handle all situatons flexibly.

Guaranteed translation quality at an affordable price.

In the midst of many translation companies today, choosing a translation company with reasonable prices and many attractive incentives is the first criterion that the customers come to the company. However, the quality of translation plays an important role in retaining the customers.

Offering a wide range of services.

A reputable company is a company can provide a variety of services: notarized translation of visa documents for studying abroad, tourism, legalization and consular certification, simulaneous interpreting, conference interpreting, etc. specialized translation: translation of documents specialized in economics, accounting, medical, etc.

Besides, careful delivery of documents or timely return of documents is also an important criterion to evaluate a professional and reputable translation company.

Be long-standing and trusted by many customers.

To see if it is a reputable translation company or not can also be considered in terms of operating time. The companies meeting the above criteria that have a long term of business operation and service provision are definitely good quality companies for using the service.

It is also possible to rely on customer feedback to evaluate whether it is a reputable translation company. If there are many customers returning to use the service, you can rest assured in the company.

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