The differences and similarities betweeen translators and interpreters

phiên dịch viên

What is translation? What is interpretation? There are many people wondering about these two concepts. Therefore, Trans24h offers a comparison between translation and interpretation to help you better understand these two fields.


  • Translation is translating a written document from one language to another in order to express the same information.
  • Interpretation is interpreting a sentence from one person to another so that it is easier to understand.

The similarities between translation and interpretation

  • Both translation and interpretation are two closely related issues of language in translation field.
  • They are responsible for converting from one language to another.
  • Both translation and interpretation do not require a passion for language, but they do require a deep understanding of language as well as experience accumulated in the working process.

The differences between translation and interpretation are two different forms and are not interchangeable when working together in translation field. The following table compares the 4 basic differences among them.

phiên dịch viên
phiên dịch viên


  • Written form
  • Have plenty of time to read the original
  • There is time to collate the original and edit properly.
  • Use a variety of support tools such as dictionaries, spell checkers, glossaries
  • It is higher accuracy than interpretation
  • Use written language to translate which is higher fluency than translation.
  • Can work with many people and share tasks to be more efficient.


  • Spoken form.
  • It is instantaneous and must be translated quickly, there is no time to review, edit and compare.
  • There is no time to use support tools.
  • There is no time to plan and use the source so the accuracy is not as high as translation.
  • Fluency is not as good as translation.
  • Work independently.

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