Comparison between notarized translation and certified true copy

Nowadays, there are many people confused between notarized copies and notarized translations. So how are these two different? Trans24h will help you to answer this question right now.

What is notarized translation?

With the current social development, perhaps people are not too unfamiliar with notarized translation services, especially when Vietnam have more international commercial contracts, this service also gradually becomes familiar.

This is a service of translating the language of documents with the legal seal of an organization or an agency into the target language according to the needs of customers (translation). Then, these documents will be taken to Department of Justice (usually belongs to the State) to certify that the translation is correct compared to the original (notarized) with the translator’s signature (posted at Department of Justice)

What is the copy of the original?

Copy of the original is a verbatim copy in both content and form of a document from the original, followed by the seal of the competent authority.

“The copy of the original” means a complete and exact copy regarding content of the document presented in the prescribed format.

Notarized true copies of the original include two types:

  • Notarized copies in foreign language: Must be done in District.
  • Notarized copies in Vietnamese: Can be done in Ward or District.

If there is a need for notarized translation or notarized copies, where should you come in Hanoi?

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