Notarized translation quotes for the translation sector have their own principles and calculation methods. The total price of the service will be the total price of translation and notarization. There is the calculation method as well as preliminary price list below for customers’ reference

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Notarized translation quotes

To understand the exact unit price and total price of notarized translation services, we need to determine the exact factors as follows.

Firstly: The type of document need be translated is the basic document or the specialized document. The basic types of documents will have the sample form that is similar in form (eg: ID card number, household registration, diploma, etc.). The specialized documents will be in the form of long documents with in-depth content about that field (eg: Marketing, economics, law, etc.). Basic documents will have a lower unit price for translation than specialized documents.

Secondly: What is the language on the original and the target language to be translated? If the original language is the foreign language and the target language is in Vietnamese, the translation price will be lower than the reverse. And in some cases where the original and target languages are both foreign languages, the total cost of notarized translation will also be higher.

Thirdly: The third factor is the way of translation. For translation, the reverse translation will be more demanding than the forward translation. For example, it will be easier for a Vietnamese translator to translate text from English to Vietnamese and vice versa. Therefore, the price of reverse translation will be higher than that of forward translation.

Fourthly: The selection of notarization at the Judicial Office (state) will cost more than the Notary Office (private).

Cách tính giá dịch thuật công chứng


bảng giá dịch thuật

The cost of translation is determined as follows: For the basic document (sample form), each A4 side will be counted as a page; Specialized documents will be determined the number of pages by dividing the total number of words by 300 words (calculated in words), the translation quotes will be calculated by the number of pages multiplied by the unit price of the language pair to be translated.

The following unit price is the company’s temporary price list currently applied, and the price is ranging from 50,000 VND/page to 300,000 VND/page.

For the most accurate quotes, the customers should send documents to our staff by email, zalo or directly to the office. In addition, you can also register as a member of the system to receive the price lists, invoices, price adjustment proposals, and many other preferential policies.

Đăng ký ngay Liên hệ
The original languageThe target languageThe basic documentThe specialized document
EnglishVietnamese50,000 VND/page70,000 VND/page
Tiếng Việt Tiếng Anh 55.000 vnđ/trang75.000 vnđ/trang
Tiếng Pháp
Tiếng Đức
Tiếng Nhật
Tiếng Hàn
Tiếng Việt75.000 vnđ/trang95.000 vnđ/trang
Tiếng ViệtTiếng Pháp
Tiếng Đức
Tiếng Nhật
Tiếng Hàn
80.000 vnđ/trang100.000 vnđ/trang
Tiếng Trung Tiếng Việt70.000 vnđ/trang90.000 vnđ/trang
Tiếng ViệtTiếng Trung80.000 vnđ/trang100.000 vnđ/trang
Tiếng Nga Tiếng Việt70.000 vnđ/trang90.000 vnđ/trang
Tiếng ViệtTiếng Nga 75.000 vnđ/trang95.000 vnđ/trang
Translation price list for common languages.
The original languageThe target languageThe basic documentThe specialized document
Thai Cambodia LaosVietnamese125,000 VND/page145,000 VND/page
VietnameseThai Cambodia Laos135,000 VND/page155,000 VND/page
Arabic Indonesian Malaysian PhilipinesVietnamese180,000 VND/page195,000 VND/page
VietnameseArabic Indonesian Malaysian Philipines195,000 VND/page220,000 VND/page
Hebrew Hindi Persian Myanmar Bengali Mongolian Kazakh Nepali Armenian‎Vietnamese285,000 VND/page300,000 VND/page
VietnameseHebrew Hindi Persian Myanmar Bengali Mongolian Kazakh Nepali Armenian‎295,000 VND/page355,000 VND/page
Italian Czech Spanish PortugueseVietnamese180,000 VND/page195,000 VND/page
Dutch Polish Swedish Danish NorwegianVietnamese250,000 VND/page270,000 VND/page
Latin‎ Danish Ukrainian‎ Romanian Bulgarian Croatian Serbian HungarianVietnamese235,000 VND/page250,000 VND/page
Other rare languagesVietnameseContact us for the reasonable quotesContact us for the reasonable quotes
Reference translation price list for rare languages.


Đơn giá dịch thuật công chứng

For notarization fee, we have specific prices for the following items: The price of certified translations with legal validity or the copies of originals of documents and texts in foreign languages. These additional services require the customers to clearly state the purpose of use so that the salesman can advise on the cheapest implementation plan.

Currently, there are two types of notarized translation: The unit price for private notarization (Notary Office) will normally be lower than the unit price of state notarization (Judicial Office, Notary Office). The price of notarized translations for rare languages is slightly higher, ranging from 30,000 VND to 80,000 VND/copy (seal). In addition, there are other services including: Copy of the original, consular legalization

Hotline: 0948.944.222
ServiceUnit price
Private notarized translation price (Notary Office)20,000 VND/copy
State notarized translation price (Judicial Office of District)50,000 VND/copy
Translations and copies of consular legalization250,000 VND/copy
Price of the copies of the original and its notarization (under 10 pages)10,000 VND/copy
Price of the copies of the original and its notarization (over 10 pages)5,000 VND/copy
Price list for notarized translation, copy of the original and consular legalization


  • The notarized translation quote does not include the value added tax (VAT). According to the current regulations, VAT is from 8%.
  • The unit price includes printing fee, not including document delivery fee.
  • The translation revision fee will be 40% of the translation unit price that is applicable at that time. The documents that are more than 10% wrong will be re-translated and 100% of the translation fee will be charged.
  • The signature fee of the translator who is a collaborator posted his signature at Department of Justice is equal to 50% of the translation fee (the documents have already been translated).
  • Fee for getting the translation urgently or within the same day is priced from 100,000 VND to 350,000 VND depending on the customer requirements. The documents over 30 pages will be classified as urgent if the customers want to get within the day
  • This notarized translation quote is not fixed from time to time because the website has not been updated yet. However, the price difference at different times is not much.
  • For corporate customers or close partners of the company, the unit price will be reduced from 5% to 15% based on the notarized translation quotes.
  • The above quotes has been thoroughly researched to offer the most competitive and beneficial prices for customers. Please contact or register to get better service
Bảng báo giá dịch thuật công chứng
Dịch thuật công chứng giá rẻ

Why is the price of notarized translation at 24H so reasonable?

In general, the quotes applied to the customers at 24h Notarized Translation Company Limited is quite low compared to the translation market. This is explained as follows: The company wants to improve market competitiveness, it needs to reduce service costs, improve quality and reputation. Thus, it is necessary to reduce input costs and improve service quality.

Firstly: Upgrading the management system, optimizing the customer service process, and optimizing the human resources system help us reduce management costs for the translation company.

Secondly: The flexible pricing plan with or without VAT helps customers save costs from 8 to 10%. This is also a way to significantly reduce costs for the customers.

Thirdly: Expanding offices and branches throughout Vietnam will reduce the cost of transporting documents and records, as well as other costs.

Fourthly: The application of new support tools can help the translators work quickly. Together with the implementation of many large projects and the huge translation data warehouse, it helps to improve work efficiency and reduce a lot of costs for the translators.

Fifthly: Department of Coordinator is always actively looking for multilingual collaborators who meet professional qualifications and work skills, but the cost is extremely reasonable.

Sixthly: And the last point is important. The company’s leadership has determined a low level of profit to share the financial burden for customers and businesses. “Accompanying customers to develop together for success”

4-step quotation process

Get translation documents

The documents of customers that need be translated will be transferred online or offline to the salesman.

  • Email: or upload via the company’s system.
  • Zalo: 0948944222.
  • Come directly to the office.

Compile the documents

After receiving the documents, the salesman will summarize the document, the number of pages, words and copies to be notarized. And then advise on which translation option is suitable for the needs of the customer to give quotes for the translation packages.

  • Standard translation package.
  • Specialized translation packages.

Send the notarized translation quote

The salesman will make the total quotes to send to the customers for checking. The quotes will be sent via zalo, email, facebook or the company’s system.

  • Total translation price.
  • Total notarized price (if any).
  • Total legalization price.
  • The total price includes VAT or excludes VAT.
  • Shipping fee if any.

Suggest adjustment, accept quotation

After receiving the quotes, the customers double-check the number of documents, the unit price and the total amount to see if it is correct or not? In some cases, the customers can adjust and propose service prices accordingly. The following cases will appear:

  • Agree with the quotes, and accept to transfer the quotation to translation invoice and pay.

Adjust and suggest on the system or contact the salesman to answer and handle additional requests.