Trans24h company is a leading company in the profession of notarized translation. We provide our customers with the highest quality translations in the fastest time. Translation and notarization fee provided by Trans24h company is the cheapest on the market. For business customers and long-term partners, our company has its own preferential policies. Below is the reference price list



[button text=”PRICE NOTARY TRANSLATION” color=”secondary” radius=”99″ expand=”true” icon=”icon-checkmark”]

    • Notarization in private offices: VND 20000/ sign
    • Notarization at the justice department: VND 30000/ sign

[button text=”CRETIFIED COPY” color=”secondary” radius=”99″ expand=”true” icon=”icon-checkmark”]

    • Above 10 copies: VND 50000/ sign
    • Below 10 copies: VND 7000/ sign

[button text=”Consular authentication” color=”secondary” radius=”99″ expand=”true” icon=”icon-checkmark”]


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    • 1 copy: VND 290.000/ 1 copy
    • 2- 5 copies: VND 270000/ 1 copy
    • 6-10 copies: VND 230.000/ 1 copy
    • Above 10 copies: VND 200000/ 1 copy


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  • Price does not include 10% VAT
  • Price does not apply to specialized document translation
  • Editing text = 50% price (if correcting error more than 10%, new translation will be charged)
  • The number of words on 1 page is under 300 words (Word Count tool)

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Transaction Steps:

Step 1: You send documents to Trans24h. Receive order value notification and accept the transaction.

Step 2: Pay before 50% bill

Step 3: Pay the remaining 50% bill and receive the documents.


    • Freeship for business customer.
    • Discount code for transaction over VND 1,000,000
    • Flexible payment for businesses and long-term partners.
    • Contact directly to receive more information.


Well come to Trans24h!