In the trend of globalization and integration, Specialized translation is becoming more and more important and necessary. A successful translation is as meaningful as the written, which is on behalf of the partner not in the same language that provides the most complete and accurate information you want to exchange. Specialized translation materials give you access to cutting-edge specialized knowledge in today’s world.
Specialized documents transferred from abroad to Vietnam or vice versa to be able to apply to work must be translated carefully, details, consistent with the original text content you want to convey most. The solution of the most company aim for is to hire an experienced translation company. However, not all translation agencies can meet these requirements. Why, and what factors should be considered when choosing a specialized document translation company? Join us to find out in this article.

Đội ngũ nhân viên dịch thuật công chứng trans24h
đội ngũ nhân viên dịch thuật công chứng trans24h

Definition about specialized translation

  • Specialized translation is translating a particular field. Translation specialized is careful translation into the vocabulary system as well as grammar and profession of each specialized discipline. Each discipline has a different amount of information, knowledge and technical terminology. Each translator needs to be knowledgeable in their field of translation, so they can translate only one or a few relevant majors.
  • In addition to language and cultural knowledge, translators need to have extensive knowledge of the field in which they translate. Therefore, in order to create accurate specialized translations and convey full content and information, translators must have good language skills and solid knowledge in each specialized field. The requirement for translators is to be fluent in two languages, agile and creative in order to convey the translation to readers of the complete and accurate content.

Notes specialized translation:

In specialized translation, many factors are required from the translator. Below are the required contents:

  1. Avoid word, phrase to phrase translation

It is forbidden when translating this document format because translation requires exact meaning of words. The text must also be smooth, the content is culturally familiar and the communication style of the target language. The text avoid google translation way to be not coarse, with discrete meaning, affecting translation quality and making it difficult for people to understand information.

  1. Translator should be a language profession

dich thuat cong chung da ngon ngu
Dịch thuật công chứng đa ngôn ngữ

The translator plays a very important role in bringing the original information closer to the reader. Therefore, the transmission of content must be accurate and easy to understand. Translators should be fluent in languages and cultures of different countries in order to translate in the most natural way.

  1. Make sure to use terminology correctly

To translate specialized documents properly, literally and convey legibly specialized terms, it is a huge challenge for translators. However, this is an important document, translators need to invest time to learn about the knowledge and update knowledge of the field to be translated. This is essential to create a professional translation.

  1. Diversify document formats

In order to easily receive and return documents to customers and partners, translation units should also pay attention to document file formats such as word, power point (.doc, .docx, .slx, .slxs,. ppt, .pptx), Pdf, image file (jpg, png), print file (Psd, AI) …

Current specialized translation classification

Almost all fields and majors need specialized and multi-language translation. However, today some popular fields of specialized translation are:

Advertising, marketing and communication specialized translation

Dịch thuật chuyên ngành marketting
Dịch thuật chuyên ngành marketting
  • Today, advertising, marketing, and communication are one of the fastest growing industries. The methods of advertising leaflets, television, press media not only stop at domestic promotions but also widely spread abroad, serving as a bridge between customers and products and services business.
  • Advertising, marketing and communication are rapidly changing industries to catch up with world trends. Therefore, translation specialized document in communication from websites, strategic documents, media ideas, magazines, brands, advertising management, sales … are increasingly important for develop this profession.

Economic, financial, banking translation

dịch thuật chuyên nghành công nghệ thông tin
Dịch thuật chuyên ngành tài chính
  • Reports, economic contracts, accounting documents, audits, regulations, economic laws, finance, banking are vital to organizations, businesses, even the nation financial industry. Translation of documents in economic majors needs higher accuracy than all other majors.
  • Translation Vietnamese documents into other languages and vice versa in the fields of economics, finance, and banking with its own system of terms. Economic translation documents promote cooperation, develop smoothly, and contribute to the business success of organizations, enterprises and countries.

Medical and pharmaceutical translation

  • Medicine and health care is the most complex and diversified specialized language, requiring highly qualified translators. Medical translation plays an extremely important role to serve the research, study, use of medical equipment, medical records, documents on treatment methods, prescriptions, instructions for drug use. …
  • Because it is a major related to human health and life, translated documents need to be highly accurate, not allow errors. Therefore, not all translation units can meet the medical profession.

Technical, mechanical engineering document translation

  • Engineering and mechanical translation is essential for factories, companies, and enterprises that import foreign machinery and equipment. The translations of detailed instructions on how to install and use are indispensable to ensure proper machining and operation, to avoid consequences of heavy losses for the business.
  • Technical document translation needs to ensure the correct specifications, specialized words. This is also one of the most difficult fields for translators to have a detailed, perfect and accurate translation.
  • The legal, public and judicial documents of different countries differ depending on the culture and political institutions in each country. In the trend of international trade, it requires you to master the laws of the host country if you want to live, work and develop business.
  • Translation of legal documents requires specialized knowledge, extensive expertise, high precision words, and clear semantics. Incorrect translation of legal documents can cause confusion and great loss for individuals and businesses. Therefore, you need to choose a reputable translation company.
dịch thuật chuyên nghành công nghệ thông tin
dịch thuật chuyên ngành công nghệ thông tin

Specialized translation of construction, architecture, construction bidding documents

Construction and architectural translation requires high precision and skill in using specialized words. Just a small translation error can make inviting investment or contracting unsuccessful and cost us hundreds or even thousands of billions of dong for big projects.

Translation of profile study, education

Translation of profile study, education is one of the services that are especially interested by young generations, students, educational units and organizations affiliated with foreign countries. Translation for study abroad and education profile in big cities like Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City are extremely developed and become one of the most searched keywords recently.

Travel, hospitality and tourism specialized translation

Favored by nature with many beautiful landscapes and famous historical sites, Vietnam becomes a country that attracts millions of foreign visitors every year. Tourism industry translation is one of the most important and essential jobs to help the service industry to excel, increase the GDP of the industry in the economic structure and gradually achieve the new higher development goals.

Infomation Technology, Electronics and Telecommunication Translation

Today, information technology translation has become a great demand for many individuals and organizations in Vietnam, not only used as study materials but also needed in business activities. In companies/ enterprises with foreign partners want to expand business markets abroad.

Dịch thuật chuyên nghành kỹ thuật
Dịch thuật chuyên ngành kỹ thuật

24H NOTARIZED TRANSLATION COMPANY LIMITED (Trans24h) is a leading unit in specialized translation in Vietnam.

  • Nowadays TRANS24H Translation is known as the leading prestigious translation company in Vietnam. The company brings a team of translators with high professional qualifications and experience, graduated from famous universities in the country as well as abroad, meeting the requirements of multi-disciplinary and multilingual translation.
  • TRANS24H Translation Company is a pioneer in the application of advanced technologies in the world’s translation fields such as: SDL Trados Studio, Babylon, Wordfast … In particular, we always pay attention and comply strictly. Translation management system (TMS) (formerly globalization management system (GMS)), Language Quality Assurance (LQA) and Issue Tracking System (ITS).

Qualified and crowded translators.

  • More than 50 translators and more than 1500 highly qualified collaborators, working in the translation field with long-term experience (over 5 years).
  • 100% of translators are native speakers, from Bachelor to PhD, are strictly selected (DISC behavioral assessment, IQ & EQ test). Project Quality Management team is well trained and experienced.

Highly specialized translation capacity.

  • The translation process consists of 3 strict steps: Translation – Editting- Proofreading
  • Unlimited Number, Time & Location of Translation.
  • Translation speed up to 20,000 words/ day, ensuring accuracy rate up to 99%.

Specialized translation services:

  • 24/7 consultation. Quick quotation, after 15-20 minutes. Deliver documents in person, notarize and issue invoices as required.
  • Free trial translation, translator quality control directly.
  • Translation of all specialized document formats: images, text, videos, design files, …

Minimize translation costs for the next time:

  • Save up to 50% on the next translation costs thanks to Trados & Translation Memory technology.
  • Many flexible packages, depending on budget and customer needs.

For detail, please contact: