Notarizing or certifying true copies of the originals

Notarizing or certifying true copies of the originals means notarizing or certifying the documents which are identical with the originals. The notarized or certified documents are not genuine, they are only true copies, notarized or certified copies. So what is the true copy of the original? Which offices have the function of copying originals to notarize or certified? The answer will be revealed in the following article.

The definition of notarizing or certifying true copies of the originals

Copying of the original to notarize or certified is the action of copying of the original into many identical copies and bringing them to an office which has the ability to certify/notarize documents in Vietnam law.
 Chứng thực bản sao hộ khẩu
Chứng thực bản sao hộ khẩu

According to Vietnam Law, identical copies can be divided into 2 types based on the language of the copied document:

  • Copy Vietnamese documents
  • Copy foreign language documents

Which offices have the function of copying originals to notarize or certified?

According to the Law on Notarization 2014, the function of copying originals is decentralized as follows:

  • Vietnamese documents: People’s Committee of Ward, Commune, District, and Notary Office.
  • Foreign language documents: People’s Committee of District, and Notary Office.

Which office has the responsibility to notarize or certify the copy of the original: Private notary office or public notary office?

According to Vietnam Laws, there is no rule to differentiate between private notary office or notary public office. It only has the distinguishment of definitions:

  • Notary Office is the office under the Department of Justice.
  • People’s Committee of Province decides to set up the Notary Office.
Sao y công chứng hồ sơ thầu
Sao y công chứng hồ sơ thầu

The copy of the original requested has a maximum of 6 months?

There is no document stipulating that the authenticated copies are only valid for 6 months. However, some discussions relating to some offices applied the valid time of the authenticated copies. In fact, some documents easily have changed such as:
  • The land use right certificate: It has additional pages to update the changes.
  • Household registration book: It is also easy to cut off household registration.

Therefore, it is believed that time-relating thoughts ensure security. In fact, there are many documents which can not change also have additional information like Identity Card (ID), Certificates or Degrees. So It is not true about time-limited of the copies. The meaning of the notarized or certified copies is the confirmation of the no

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