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Are you looking for notarial translation? Do you need to find a reputable quality translation? Need to urgently translate documents and notarize them to complete the procedures. Welcome to Trans24h Translation!

What is Notarial Translation?

Not all the documents can be translated and notarized. You should know that only legal documents can be notarized when finishing the translation. Despite being a phrase, notarial translation has two stages:

  • Stage 01:  The first stage is translation. This is a process of converting the language of documents, texts, files, records or papers (with legal validity – having the seal of somewhat organizations) into another language, depending on the needs of the customer. Normally, a translation agency or office will finish this stage.
  • Stage 02: The second stage is notarizing the translation. Documents, texts, files, records or papers will be certified to confirm that the translation is true to the original and signed by a qualified translator. It is recognized by law in three ways:
    • Option 1: The document will be taken to the District Justice Department for authentication.
    • Option 2: The documents will be taken to a notary office for notarization.
    • Option 3: The translation company with legal personalities will recognize that the translation is accurate.
Dịch thuật công chứng nhà nước
Dịch thuật công chứng nhà nước
Sometimes, you wonder if it is necessary to have a notarized translation? Can I translate my documents and go notarized by myself? Do not waste time doing unprofessional things!

Three reasons for translating with notarization

    • Ensure accuracy and legality for papers, documents, and records.
    • Create trust and legal full safety when using documents, documents with foreign partners or when going abroad.
    • Ensure the legal validity of foreign documents used in Vietnam.

Five reasons why you should not translate by yourself

    • Self-translation is easy to confuse.
    • Self-translation conveys information without meaning.
    • Self-translation will take time, affecting the deadline for filing a dossier.
    • When you translate by yourself, the translation needs to be edited and that will take more time.

Three things proving that you need notarized translation services

    • The translator has translating-related qualifications and certificates.
    • Only translators registered at the Justice Department of the District People’s Committee, Notary Public Office or translation company can sign standard translation. Notary offices recognized by Vietnamese Law     
    • Translation company endorsement (eligible by Vietnamese law)
    • Certified translation of the Department of Justice of the People’s Committee (State Notary Public).
    • Certified translation of notaries of Notary Public Offices (Private Notaries)

If you are hesitating about choosing a reputable company, Trans24h translation company is the best choice. We are one of the most prestigious, the fastest and the most accurate translation available now.

Trans24h fast certified translation company

There are many small offices operating illegally. However, they still operate and receive translating-related documents. In my experience, it is harmful to you to choose this company because you do not know if your translated document is accurate or not. An advice for you is to choose a company with a clear legal entity that can issue invoices when needed.

How is a reputable notarized translation company?

    • Fast notarized translation
    • Standard notarized translation
    • Cheap notarized translation
    • On-time for customers.
    • Signing contracts with big partners.
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Trans24H ℠



1. The cheapest notarized translation in the market

Trans24h company can give a competitive price level due to the following reasons:

    • Our staff works well with high quality, shortening the translation time, so the cost of translation is lower than the market.
    • The coordinator department looks for experienced and highly qualified collaborators who can not work directly in the office, so it can minimize costs
    • We are long-term partners with the notary and judicial office so our services are cheaper than the other company. The average price of translation is 10 – 15% lower.

2. The fastest notarized translation

We ensure that the contract completion time is fast. However, it does not mean that Trans24h is reckless because of the following reasons:

    • We own staff with high professional expertise and long-standing experience.
    • A large team of staff and collaborators will complete the translation on time or before the deadline requested by the customer.
    • We use modern assistance tools to help complete translations quickly.
    • Despite day or night, translators always keep the dedication to the profession contributing to finish the work on schedule.

3. Preferential policies for customers

Normally, the price for translating is very preferential and we have more and more preferential for business customers, companies, and big orders.

    •  Free delivery of documents.
    •  Discount 5 – 10% for long term partners.
    •  Discounts for orders over 1 million.

Trans24h company can help customers

    1. Standard presentation format according to the prescribed form – The content is accurate.
    2. Absolute legal value – Valid for use worldwide
    3. Fastest completion time – Can be obtained within a day.
    4. Competitive prices are always 20-30% lower than other companies
    5. Delivery in Hanoi – Express delivery nationwide.
    6. Support to receive documents online, convenient and fast.
    7. Hotline support 24/24 including holidays – 0948 944 222.
      • Address: No. 52A – Nguyen Huy Tuong – Thanh Xuan Trung – Thanh Xuan – Hanoi.
      • Hotline: 0948.944.222
      • Email:
Dịch thuật công chứng đa ngôn ngữ
Dịch thuật công chứng đa ngôn ngữ

Types of paper documents that need notarized

The need for translation notarization of business customers to individual customers is great. After the review process, we classify the documents required by customers as follows:

For individual customers

  • Notarized translation of identity card (ID card) or national identity card.
  • Notarized translation of resumes and identity papers.
  • Certified translation of household registration book, birth certificate.
  • Notarized translation of criminal record certificate.
  • Notarized translation of report card, diplomas, university degrees, scoreboard and certificates of merit.
  • Fast notarized translation for marriage registration.
  • Degrees, diplomas and certificates.
  • Notarized translation of labour contracts, payrolls.

For business customers:

  • Notarized translation of bid documents.
  • Notarized translation of business registration, investment certificate.
  • Notarized translation of economic contracts, signed with partners.
  • Notarized translation of financial statements, company profile.
  • CQ notarized translation.
  • Certificate of Origin (CO), Certificate of Quality (CQ), Bill of Lading (BL) in Hanoi.
  • Notarized translation of labour-export documents.
  • Notarized translation of company records
  • Notarized translation of study profile.
  • Notarized translation of visa.
  • Notarized translation of travel documents.

The translated languages

The common languages are quickly translated:

  • English translation and notarization.
  • Chinese translation and interpretation.
  • Japanese translation and notarization.
  • Translation notarized Korean.
  • Translation of French literature.
  • Translation of German documents.
  • Translation of Russian engineering into Vietnamese.
  • Translating Thai documents.
  • Translation of documents in Lao.

In addition to the popular languages, we also translated rare language with well-qualified translators and collaborators.

See also the legal documents of the Ministry of Justice: More

Notarized high-quality translation

  • Notarized Arabic translation.
  • Notarized Finnish translation.
  • Notarized Italian translation.
  • Notarized Bulgarian translation.
  • Notarized Polish translation.
  • Notarized Czech translation.
  • Notarized Swedish translation.
  • Notarized Filipino translation.
  • Notarized Indonesian translation.
  • Notarized Malaysian translation.

Notarized translation standards:

  •  Notarized Myanmar translation
  • Notarized Mongolian translation
  • Notarized Ukrainian language translation
  • Notarized translation of Danish documents
  • Notarized translation of Romanian documents
  • Notarized Norwegian translation
  • Notarized translation of Turkish papers
  • Notarized Slovak translation
  • Notarized Hungarian language translation
  • Notarized Portuguese translation