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24H Notarized Translation Limited Company (Trans24h) is a leading provider of translation and notarization services in Vietnam. With a team of young, active and highly-qualified staff, we have confident in providing customers with the best quality translations in all languages and specialties.

Translation and notarization company with high quality nationwide.

Our company always focuses on managing dedicated projects and optimizing customer services. Currently, our company is providing translation, interpretation and notarization services for all individuals and organizations domestically and internationally. We always strive to provide customers with the most accurate and perfect translations.

Giới thiệu công ty dịch thuật
Giới thiệu công ty dịch thuật

The advantages that Trans24h translation will bring to all customers are:

1 – Extremely high value of translation

At Trans24h, the quality of translation is expressed through the accuracy and integrity of translated documents. When customers need to develop projects or the best quality of translation or service, that is a chance for us to show up our abilities for our customers.

  • A crowd team of young, dynamic, creative and highly-qualified employees
  • Our full-service chain will provide you with the best, time and money –saving solution.
  • Conveying experiences that we have cultivated for a long time.
  • Introducing cost-saving initiatives for customer’s projects.
  • Providing qualified and internationally standardized translation service
  • Reducing significantly costs for customers.

Therefore, we are able to provide high-quality and attractive-price interpretation and customer service that our competitors cannot fulfill.

Đội ngũ nhân viên dịch thuật công chứng trans24h
đội ngũ nhân viên dịch thuật công chứng trans24h

The value that Trans24h brings to customers is in translation quality, time of completion and after-sales service.

2 – The working process with professional translation partners

Customers coming to Trans24h Translation Company will be consulted on the best solution for the professional projects by the sale staff. They will supervise all items, support and contact with customers during the process of translating and editing documents for customers.

Our sales staff have access to all human resources to ensure that customer’s projects are managed by set standards, progress and time.

At Trans24h Translation Company, we assume that each of our customers is important partner and he/she always receives our great care service.

Working motto: the success of customers is our success.

3 – Intrinsic of 24H Notarized Translation Limited Company

At first, Trans24h Translation Company has invested a lot in recruitment, qualification testing as well as training in linguists, translation collaborators, translators…

Dịch vụ công ty dịch thuật công chứng trans24h
Dịch vụ công ty dịch thuật công chứng trans24h

For partners working with a long time, Notary – Justice will provide customer with the certified true copy – judicial documents with the fast speed and the cheap price.

As a result, we now have over 1000 trained and tested translators (all working from home or as collaborators) to ensure that your project will be handled by a single company, not divided into different units to resolve.

The staff at Trans24h Translation Company includes sales staff, translators, all of whom are experienced and dedicated to the profession.

Please use our resources and profession for all of your language projects.

4 – Committing that we complete translation from any language.

What language do you request to translate? Trans24h can also provide and translates in all languages of the world as well as popular languages like English, Chinese … With a network of highly-qualified translators, and collaborators, Trans24h Translation Company can complete bilingual or multi-language translation projects from any language into the target language that customers request.

5 – Flexibility in translation

Finally, you should choose Trans24h Translation Company because of our flexibility. Trans24h Translation Company usually adjusts the human resources to meet your requirements better and ensure that the provided translation services are always compatible with the requirements of our customers.

No matter what customers require, no matter how typical job requirements are, the accumulated experience of Trans24h Translation Company allows us to provide you with specialized services and high flexibility to improve the efficiency of each project. Time and quality of translation are always guaranteed.

6 – Support to build a marketing plan for your company.

Most people are confusing the concept of marketing and running media ads. Marketing is a unified block on the business plan of each business, the development strategy of each company and brand advertising communication. If you have any request for this matter, please contact the free supporting and advisory department

For more information, please contact:

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