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Customer policy translation

First of all, Trans24H ™ would like to thank you for your trust in using our service. We wish you good health and success.

Here are the policies and offers for you at Trans24H ™

Policy for customers Trans24H ™ Translation & Notarization

Trans24H ™ Head Office in Hanoi

Translation Company Limited 24H | Trans24H

Address:  52A Nguyen Huy Tuong, Thanh Xuan Trung, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.
Phone:  0948.944.222

Process policy for receiving records

Simple process, quick procedure, flexible time and place while ensuring legal integrity:

  1. Receiving documents: You can deliver your documents at Trans24H – 52A Nguyen Huy Tuong, Thanh Xuan Trung, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.
    Or use a home delivery service for home delivery
  2. Check & Compile: We will check the overall profile, if there is any defect Trans24H team will contact you for additional requests.
    Specialized classification.
    Immediately hand over the file to the Specialty Translators for translation.
  3. Verification & Notarization: Will check the translation quality again and conduct professional notarization.
    Return of documents: You can go directly to the Trans24H office to get documents.
    Or request home delivery, courier …
  4. Complete payment of the fees according to the quote form and receive the receipt back from the cashier.

All processes are done quickly and accurately by the team of Trans24H by all enthusiasm and professionalism.
Notarized translation company 24h always has the best policy on the price of payment method as well as the best document delivery for customers nationwide.

Price policy

Please see the Quotation page of Trans24H ™  In addition to the translation and notarization prices listed on the website, we have optimal policies of up to 10% (*) discounts for corporate customers, customers. close.

  • Free ship for business customers
  • Discount code for orders over 1,000,000 VND. (*)
  • Flexible payment for businesses and long-term partners

Delivery policy at your home

  1. Please call Hotline: 0948.944.222 for specific instructions on the steps to prepare the most complete application.
  2. Trans24H ™ staff will be present at your address according to your appointment
  3. The delivery staff will write a receipt and an appointment to return the records to the customer
  4. Upon receipt of the Trans24H ™ application, the stages of Inspection & Translation, Verification & Notarization will be carried out immediately.
  5. Handing over documents to you at the address specified in the receipt, on time, at the right address
    Please present a receipt when you receive your application back and request a receipt after making payment.

Policy to support transport for remote customers

We support customers from afar with flexible measures:

  • You send a Scan of documents via MailZalo
  • Trans24H ™ will check and contact you as soon as it is received

We may use guaranteed 3rd party courier services such as:

  1. Viettel Post
  2. EMS postal courier
  3. Fast delivery
  4. Or shipping partners at your request

Shipping costs incurred, Please pay directly to the 3rd party when delivery

Guarantee policy, guarantee for translation quality

Trans24H ™ is confident in the competence and experience of our team.
We guarantee 100% refund if the translation is wrong 10%

In addition, if you need to correct the text to suit your personal style needs, we support 50% of the service charge (Error correction exceeding 10% is not applicable)

In case you need any further information, please contact Trans24h

Notarized translation 24h | Trans24H ™ Always dedicated to serving customers to the fullest.
On behalf of the whole company, we wish you good health and success!

Trans24H ™

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